Let us make your next decline a little easier to deliver

Clear Your Way To A Great Day With The "Soft NO"

One of the toughest calls to make is calling the borrower to say something like this. 

"After reviewing your application we will not be able to approve your loan at this time."  

Silence... It's tough place to be... The front line.

What if you had a way to add a BUT to that sentence? We call it the "Soft No"

"After reviewing your application we will not be able to approve your loan at this time BUT I may know someone that can.

Wouldn't that help you have a more productive day?

Seasoned Broker

Our Broker Scott Stockdale, began originating agency in the 90's transitioning to sub-prime wholesale in 2002 and finally back to retail in 2010. Scott has always focused on fall-out borrowers and frequently states "somebody always learns something on my files".  

The borrowers we primarily work with either have recent credit events, income issues including high DTI’s, verifiable income or short job time and have scores between 500 & 663. Our access to the actual guidelines with no overlays allows us to place these borrowers in VA, FHA and FNMA backed loans. 

While hard money is sometimes the only option it is not our first option.  

Broad Choice of Loan Products to Help

  • Reverse Mortgage Purchase & Refinances 
  • FHA & VA 500 score or no score approvals.
  • FHA Approvals While in BK 13
  • 1 Day Out of BK, SS or FC Credit Events
  • 203K, VA and FNMA Homestyle Renovation Loans
  • VOE Only Wage Earner No 4506 or 1040's
  • S/E Alt Doc Bank Statement Income No 4506 or 1040's 
  • Stated S/E No 4506 or 1040's
  • Investor Cash Flow Qualifyer, 1 to 1 DSR. No 4506 or 1040's
  • True No-Overlay Ginnie, F&F loans approved every day.

We Only Broker to Non-Depository Lenders

I think we can all agree, it is hard to refer business. Compounding this fact is most Banks will not risk losing Banking relationships.

This is why we do not Broker to Bank wholesale divisions, we know they will go after the borrowers deposits and other accounts. 

Your Banking customers remain yours, no lost deposits or accounts with usl

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